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Q. A 45-minute timer cam is installed on every non-Electronic dryer model. Are there other timer cams available?
A. Yes. Optional 30-minute and 60-minute timer cams are included with each dryer. Additional timer cams are avaiable through Whirlpool Corporation Service parts.
See the metercase cross reference at: http://cltpsc.whirlpoolcorp.com/techinfo/techinfonew/techinfonew.htm
Q. Are there any phone numbers I can call for additional information about Whirlpool® Commercial Laundry Products?
A. Yes. The one stop shop number for all commercial laundry information at Whirlpool Corporation is 1-800-NO-BELTS (1-800-662-3587).

Q. Does Whirlpool Corpoation distribute components for the meter cases?
A. Yes, for models that are factory coinslide equipped, see the products page and tips page within this site.

Whirlpool Commercial Laundry has 5 Product Families to meet a variety of customer needs:

Whirlpool Corp.Mechanical Metercase High Efficiency (Money Acceptor Not Included)
Whirlpool Corp.Mechanical Metercase (Money Acceptor Not Included)
Whirlpool Corp. Mechanical Metercase (Factory Coinslide Equipped)
Roper® Mechanical Metercase (Factory Coinslide Equipped)
Whirlpool Corp. EMS1000 Electronic Metercase (Money Acceptor Not Included)
Whirlpool Corp. ADVANTECH™ Full feature Electronic Metercase /Full Console (Money Acceptor Not Included)
Whirlpool Corp. On Premise Non Metered

A complete product listing can be found the products page

Whirlpool Corp. brand washers now offer the 2 speed Advantage, a true gentle wash! http://cltpsc.whirlpoolcorp.com/servicebench/transition.pdf

Money acceptor refers to coinslide, coin drop or card reader. Factory coinslide equipped models come from the factory with a coinslide and coinbox preinstalled, the slide set for a $1.00 per cycle. The price on the slide may be set from $0.00 to $2.00 for a wash or dry. With minimal set up and assembly your new laundry business has begun!

The first step in the purchase process is determining the money acceptor that will work best for you or your customer.

Questions to consider:

Q. Do I want each unit to contain money I need to collect on a regular basis?

A. If this works for your business, coinslides or coindrops are needed on every machine. If not, a card system either on every washer and dryer or central card system is required.

Q. Are coinslides acceptable or are coin drops (more flexibility and security) desired?

A. If coinslides work for your business, Whirlpool Corp. Factory Coinslide Equipped is the right choice. If coindrops are required, exclude Factory Coinslide Equipped models.

Q. Do the money box keys in all units need to be the same?

A. If not,Whirlpool Corp. Factory Coinslide Equipped is the right choice. If all keys need to be the same, exclude factory coinslide equipped models.

Q. Is price the largest concern, or is quality, durability and warranty more important?

A. If price is the first consideration, choose 40 Series Factory Coinslide Equipped. If additional warranty (1 year exclusive labor), porcelain vs. painted finish and ease of service are considerations, choose Whirlpool Corp. Factory Coinslide Equipped, See:

http://cltpsc.whirlpoolcorp.com/techinfo/techinfonew/literature.htm, coin supplement

For a large apartment or Laundromat installations, a card system can avoid the collection infrastructure needed to support coin machines. Although the initial outlay is higher, as card readers and value add stations are more expensive than either coinslides or coin drops, the reduction of coinhandling and shrinkage combined with increased security can make a card system desirable. A distributor is recommended in this case as the additional components needed to implement the system are not sold by Whirlpool Corp. To locate a distributor near you see:


Whirlpool Corp. products are compatible with many industry standard card readers, coin drops and gang controllers. See:

http://cltpsc.whirlpoolcorp.com/techinfo/techinfonew/techinfonew.htm Acceptor Xref, Metercase Xref


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